Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tea Bag Cosy

I am a tea drinker, (think Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim) lots and lots of tea, all sorts. Although I prefer loose tea, when I travel I take along a few prepackaged bags.
Make the tea bag in any color (try the color of your favorite tea). Stuff lightly then whip stitch closed and it can be an amigurumi rather than a tea bag cosy. 

What you need:
2 colors of medium weight acrylic yarn
Size F (3.75mm) hook
Yarn needle

work in continuous rounds

  • With tea color chain 24, slip stitch to form a ring (be careful to not twist chain)
  • Rounds 1-10: sc 
  • Round 11: switch to white, sc in each sc around
  • Round 12: *Sc2tog, sc in each of next 2 sts, rep from * around - 18 st 
  • Round 13-14: sc
  • Round 15: *Sc2tog, sc in each of next 1 sts, rep from * around - 12 st
  • Round 16: sc
  • fold in half and sc the front and back together along top  (6 sts)
  • break yarn leaving about a 3 foot tail of yarn
  • thread yarn on yarn needle and poke it through the inside and back to the middle of the row, pull out the top center
  • chain 25 using the yarn tail
  • sc in next to last chain, sc 3, chain 1 turn
  • Tag row 1: sc 4, chain 1 turn
  • Tag row 2: sc 4
  • break yarn and weave in all ends.

Make a small loop from tea colored yarn and attach to the back of the tea bag cosy. Position button correctly for loop size and sew. 

Fold your tea bag as above: both top corners folded back and the edges along the sides also folded back.

This pattern is for private use only. Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form. If you like this pattern and would like to share please link to this blog.
Thank you.