Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heavy Duty Potholder

This pattern is in homage of my knitting mentor. 
This was the first thing she showed me how to do.

What You Need:
Cotton Yarn - I used Bernat Handicrafter
Size 11 needles
Yarn needle
Size I (5.5mm) crochet hook (optional)

For this project I used a large ball of cotton yarn because I was making a set for a present.
 Read down for details.

Make 2

M1- make one
K2tog: knit two stitches together

Cast on 2 stitches using double yarn
K1 M1 K1 - 3 st
K1 M1 K2 - 4 st
K1 M1 K3 - 5 st
K1 M1 K4 - 6 st
K1 M1 K5 - 7 st
K1 M1 K6 - 8 st
K1 M1 K7 - 9 st
K1 M1 K8 - 10 st
K1 M1 K9 - 11 st
K1 M1 K10 - 12 st
K1 M1 K11 - 13 st
K1 M1 K12 - 14 st
K1 M1 K13 - 15 st
K1 M1 K14 - 16 st
K1 M1 K15 - 17 st
K1 M1 K16 - 18 st
K1 M1 K17 - 19 st
K1 M1 K18 - 20 st
K1 M1 K19 - 21 st
K1 M1 K20 - 22 st
K1 M1 K21 - 23 st
K1 K2tog K20 -22 st
K1 K2tog K19 -21 st
K1 K2tog K18 -20 st
K1 K2tog K17 -19 st
K1 K2tog K16 -18 st
K1 K2tog K15 -17 st
K1 K2tog K14 -16 st
K1 K2tog K13 -15 st
K1 K2tog K12 -14 st
K1 K2tog K11 -13 st
K1 K2tog K10 -12 st
K1 K2tog K9 -11 st
K1 K2tog K8 -10 st
K1 K2tog K7 -9 st
K1 K2tog K6 -8 st
K1 K2tog K5 -7 st
K1 K2tog K4 -6 st
K1 K2tog K3 -5 st
K1 K2tog K2 -4 st
K1 K2tog K1 -3 st
K1 K2tog -2 st
Cast off
Weave in ends

This should give you a nearly perfect square.
I found I needed to block these.

To assemble:

Lay the two square on top of each other making sure to match the similar ends.
I opted to sc the back and front together but you could sew them together if you choose.
Before finishing off I chained 10 and SCed back to the same stitch.
This makes a hanger for your potholder.

Since these potholders are double layer double yarn they are a great heavy duty potholder.
I gave a set to my husband to use when he grills. I also like to have a set in the kitchen to use when I cook in cast iron.

A quick and easy wedding gift:

Have a friend's wedding coming up and don't have a clue what to give them?

Try this: make a pair of potholders and a market bag then buy a cookbook and a gift card to a grocery store. If the couple is young I like to get a Southern Living or Betty Crocker cookbook, if the couple is older I get them a cookbook that relates to a favorite style of cooking or a favorite region.
Although this is not an expensive gift the couple will be appreciative of a gift that they can actually use.
Does the bride or groom knit or crochet? Include a card with the name of yarn you used and the web address of the pattern you used. That way they can make more themselves.

Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form.
If you like this pattern and would like to share please link to this blog.
Thank you.