Monday, September 3, 2012

Flower Girl Clips

Sweet little clips that are cute for everyday wear but are also pretty enough for a special occasion.

What you need for a pair of clips:
Size 3 crochet thread
Size C (2.75 mm) hook
Yarn needle
2 two inch barrettes
1/2 inch ribbon
2 beads or jewel sets
Hot glue gun and sticks

Using the wing portion of my fairy pattern make two "butterflies".
Weave in all ends.

For antenna  fold a short length of thread. Tie knot in middle of bottom and one on each end of thread.
Hot glue to back of butterfly.

Prepping the barrettes:
 Cut two lengths of ribbon just slightly longer than the barrettes.
I used a glitter ribbon that does not ravel but if you are using a satin ribbon be sure to finish off the ends with nail polish so they don't ravel. Hot glue ribbons to barrettes.

Attaching butterflies and beads:
 Run a line of hot glue along the back of the butterfly along the top of the center hole.
Quickly place butterfly on clip. Repeat for other clip.
Be sure to glue the clips so they are reversed from each other.
Blob some glue in the center hole and push in the bead.
Clean off stringy extra glue.

Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form.
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Thank you.

First attempt, got a little extra glue on them.