Thursday, November 1, 2012


I am almost all better. Although now I think I have a cold coming on. I promise I am working on a new pattern today but I am not sure if I will have it done in time to take pics.  To make up for it I will introduce you all to our newest family member and show off our Halloween costumes.

Meet Ozzy. When I saw him at the pound I started crying and couldn't go home without him. It took a week or so for Prince and Weezer to warm up to him but now Weezer is his best buddy. Weezer even gives him head licks just like Mercury did for him. Ozzy is a klutzy,  toilet paper roll shredding, lap snuggler. I love him so much. I truly think he must be a nephew of Mercury, they have so many of the same habits.

This Simon's Cat video just about sums the kitten up.

And for Halloween- I went as Flo the Progressive lady. It was a hit, I loved having a costume everyone recognized. My husband on the other hand, not many people got his. I don't know why, it is one of the most iconic costumes ever.

 Here I am as Flo. All the teasing and hair spray was worth it.

 And here is my husband as Tom Baker's Doctor.
Yes, I even did the scarf. I know the colors aren't perfect but I was using scrap yarn. I made a smaller one for my god father's daughter and it was correct. I used the great patterns from Witty Little Knitter

Hope you all had a safe and warm Halloween.

Purrs, Nyan