Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabulous Fox Tail

Cheap and vegan alternative to real fur.
This tail has great drape, it looks almost like a real tail.
No stuffing needed.

What you need:
Four size 13 DPNs
Eyelash yarn
(I used Cello and fun fur)
Worsted weight acrylic yarn
(I used Red Heart Super Saver)
Yarn Needle

  • Tie tail tip colored yarn together (one worsted and one eyelash)
  • Cast on 15 stitches and divide evenly on 3 needles -5 st per needle 
  • Rows 1-5: K
  • Row 6: K1 inc K4 on each needle -6st per needle
  • Row 7: K
  • Row 8: K1 inc K5 on each needle -7st per needle
  • Row 9: K1 inc K6 on each needle -8st per needle
  • switch to tail color (one worsted and one eyelash)
  • Row 10+: K
  • Make tail to desired length, I used one ball of tail color and my tail ended up being 23 inches. Be sure to stretch tail before wear.

Do not cast off. Cut yarn about 10 inches from project and tread onto yarn needle. Ease each loop off DPNs and run yarn needle through each loop and pull tight. Tie several knots and weave in end. Remember to sew up the tail tip too.
 For wearing I cut 3 pieces of yarn about 10 inches each, threaded them onto the yarn needle and run them through the top of the tail. After centering the yarn I tie a knot then braid each end.

Make them in any color 

For cat tails only inc to 7 st per needle

Fabulous Fox Tail on Ravelry 

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