Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sugar Pie Scoodie Recipe

The sun came out! The storms have passed us by early, I'm so excited. I guess I don't have to chew off my arm from boredom anymore ;) Plus, the rain passing will bring us cool weather to replace it.

This sweet scoodie (hooded scarf) recipe is highly customizable. The one shown is going to a tween-ager so it is a little smaller than one you would make for yourself but no worries, it is super easy to adjust in size.

What you need:
Worsted weight yarn (364-600 yards, but closer to to 400)
Any sized hook that works with your yarn, I used a J (6.00 mm)
Yarn needle
Basic knowledge of granny squares


Your scarf part of you scoodie should reach from fingertip to fingertip. You might need a friend to help you measure. Decide how wide you would like your scarf, mine is 4 inches wide since it is for a 12 year old. 4-6 inches would be a good width. 

Chain the required length making sure it is in a multiple of three. First row is sc, each row after is worked in 3dc shells. The last row will be worked in sc. The scarf is worked just like a Granny Stripe, if you are unsure how to do this check out the link. (Note: it is in UK terms so a dc is a sc in US terms)


Make 2 matching granny squares. My squares were 8 inches but you may wish to do 9, 10, or even 11 inch ones. (great Granny Square tutorial). These squares would look amazing in a super fancy granny with a beautiful center like a flower.

Join squares along one edge. Open up work and work several rows of sc along one of the long edges, I did 5.

Fold and join edge opposite to sc. Now it looks a lot like a hood.


If you want pockets make two granny squares the same width as your scarf.  If you want the pockets taller, add a few rows of sc along one edge just like you did on the hood. Hold on to these, we will sew them on last.


Fold scarf and find the center and mark.  Sew/crochet hood to scarf.
Choose if you would like your pockets on the inside or outside of your scarf. Sew/ crochet on pockets.
Have fun!

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