Monday, May 21, 2012

Zombie Blood

It's no secret that I love Sci Fi flicks. Zombie movies are some of my favorites.
This bracelet is super simple and takes very little time to finish.

What you need:
1 skein of embroidery floss
Size D (3.25mm) hook

     Leaving a tail of floss at least 5 inches, chain 31
    Skip first ch and sc across -30 sts
     Ch 1 turn, *sl st 3 (here comes the fun part) chain between 3 and 12
    Skip first ch and sc back up the chain
    repeat from * till end

    Finish off leaving a tail of at least 5 inches.
    Tie knots on each tail.
     Bracelet ties on like a friendship bracelet.

     Make in any color and have fun.
    The green one is done with sl st's between drips, the red one has sc's.

    Zombie Blood on Ravelry

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