Monday, January 14, 2013

Boho Doll Top

A retro styled halter complete with  flowers and fringe.

What you need:
Worsted weight acrylic yarn
Size H (5 mm) hook
Yarn needle


Row 1: Chain 20, sc back across chain, chain 1, turn -19 st
Rows 2-3: sc across, chain 1, turn -19 st
Row 4: sc 1, sc 2tog, sc 13, sc2tog, sc -17 st
Row 5: sc -17st
Row 6: sc 1, sc2tog, sc 11, sc2tog, sc -15 st
Rows 7-11:  sc -15 st
Row 12: sc, sc2tog, sc 9, sc2tog, sc -13 st
Row 13: sc, sc2tog, sc 7, sc2tog, sc - 11 st
Row 14: sc, sc2tog, sc 5, sc2tog, sc -9 st

Finish off and weave in ends.

Cut twelve 12-18 inch long strands of yarn.
Thread  three strands through each corner of the halter.

Make 4

Chain 2
*dc, sl st, in second chain from hook
Repeat from * 4 more times
Break yarn, leave long tail to sew onto top.

With yarn needle stitch between each petal.

Finishing touches:

Sew three flowers to halter.

Cut twenty pieces of yarn about 4-5 inches long.
One at a time add these pieces to the bottom of the halter like fringe.


Chain a chain slightly longer than around your doll's head. Tie knots in each end .
Sew flower onto chain.
Tie on.

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Thank you.