Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mini Bow

Just a quick post while I wait for the horrible storms to hit.
These bows are just a fuller version of a classic crocheted bow.

What you need:
Size 3 cotton crochet thread
Size 0 (2.55 mm) hook


Chain 4 leaving tail of about 6 inches
all stitches will be worked into the farthest chain from hook
dc, 2 tr, dc, chain 3, slip stitch center, chain 3, dc, 2 tr, dc, chain 3, slip stitch to center
Break yarn leaving about a 6 inch tail

Now it looks kind of like a bow. Wrap both ends around center, tie well in back and weave in ends.

I wanted to make jewelry with my bows so I decided to starch them. I used the cornstarch method since I have a jar of cornstarch in the pantry. After starching I pined my bows to the top of a Styrofoam cooler (you could use a Styrofoam tray from the grocery store). I let them dry over night. 
In the morning the bows had dried and had a nice stiff, yet not too stiff finish.

 Lolita Bow Earrings:

2 bows
2 ear wires
about 4 inches of bulk chain (fine)
6 jump rings
2 head pins
2 pretty beads
Jewelry Pliers

 Cut chain in half, attach a jump ring to each end of the chains.
Hook jump rings onto bows. Find center of chain and hang it from ear wire.

Slip bead onto headpin and finish, hang from jump ring and attach to ear wire behind the chain.

Or use your bows to make a necklace
or wire them to a bobby pin
bead the bobby pin for an extra fun touch

The possibilities are endless, have fun.