Monday, January 28, 2013

What's Up

I've been a little busy around here and I realized I hadn't shown you the reason why.

 Meet Yuki. She is a 3 month old lionhead. We thought it wasn't fair to Ringo to be an only bunny so we got him a girlfriend. Bonding was easy and pain free, thank goodness. Yuki is a little ball of fluff that thinks when she is on the porch she is a wild rabbit while when she is inside she wants constant attention. She follows Ringo everywhere just like a puppy.

The pattern for the amazing rainbow granny behind her can be found here.

Octopus time!

I like to keep octopus around for quick gifts, tips at restaurants, and charity projects. I broke down and ordered in some Red Heart Classic in my favorite ombre colorway, gemstone. One 146 yard skein can make (with F hook) 3 baby octos, 2 mommy octos, and 1 daddy octo.

Back to Dark Shadows and working on Valentine's day gifts!