Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Re-Gifting Ornaments

Finished your gift making yet? I have, which means I have lots of little yarn balls rolling around. 
This idea really isn't re-gifting but it certainly is re-purposing and it will help use up some of those little odds and ends of yarn. 
These mini presents were made from a pattern I did several months ago.

What you need:
Worsted weight acrylic yarn
Size F (3.75 mm) hook
Polyester fiber fill
Embroidery floss
Yarn needle
Clip to keep place


Follow directions for Petit Four.

For bow: Cut 18 inch length of a contrasting color of embroidery floss. Tie on just like you would do for a real gift. You may wish to stitch down the "ribbon". Trim ends to desired length.
For an extra cute bow find some of the mini stick on Christmas bows and hot glue it on.

For hanger: Cut a 8 inch length of a similar color to present embroidery floss. Thread it through several of the top stitches of present then pull up and tie knot. Trim excess thread.

Looking for other projects to re-purpose? I think Fancy Flan would make a perfect Christmas pudding. Just change the cream to dark brown and the caramel to white. Accent with some holly, Crochet Dynamite's Quasi-Vintage Holly would be super cute.

I wanted to make one to show off but I am out of brown yarn and waiting for a package containing more.