Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A note on December birthdays

Being a December baby, only 8 days before Christmas, people often don't know how to act on my birthday. 

This year I want to speak out on how to treat your friends with December birthdays.

Happy Friend
First- Gifts and cards are not necessary, a simple spoken Happy Birthday always brightens the mood because you took the time to remember something other than Christmas. (Facebook messages DO NOT count)

 Second- If you do give gifts, wrap the birthday one in NON Christmas wrapping paper. Again, the remembering something not about Christmas is always appreciated.

Third- No combined gifts, this is not fair to your friend. This is their birthday, not Christmas. Also, don't buy Christmas themed birthday gifts even if their birthday is on the 25th (unless it happens to be Hello Kitty Christmas items). Only have $2 to spend on them? Get two $1 items and wrap them separately.

Green and red= bad        favorite color=good

Your December born friends will thank you.
Mini rant over

Thanks to clker.com for providing free clip art