Sunday, October 7, 2012

Goodbye my dearest friend

A little of my heart has died. My best friend in the whole world passed away tonight. Mercury was the most amazing cat I ever knew. He was my partner in crime and was always up for going on a midnight trip to the drive-thru to get breakfast. He loved chocolate, pizza, and even would steal steamed broccoli off our dinner plates.

 It was so unlike him to ever leave our yard on his outside time. Tonight at an unknown time he was struck and killed by a car in a residential area. We never heard a honk or a screech of tires.The person that hit must not even have stopped to check on him. He died only several feet from our back yard.

Look at that perfect foot, a pink toe on each side
He often would jump in our dining room chairs like he would get served at the table.

He let me do anything to him because he loved me.

A sequin got stuck to his nose.


Putting up with the kitten

He always would give Weezer head licks

The best cat in the whole world.

Mercury, tuxedo manx, with big golden eyes (with just a speck of brown in one)
10 pounds
unknown to October 7th 2012
You may be gone but you will never be forgotten.
May you be forever at peace.