Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Florida Shrug

When knitting or crocheting, garments are not the first thing that come to mind for me. I have a feeling it is because in Florida we really don't have seasons. It's October now and still in the 90s when it isn't raining. I wanted a little touch of fall without over heating so I designed this feminine little shrug.
and from the back.
The ribbed bands help with fit.
I made it out of a yarn with a touch of wool to give it a little warmth.
But more importantly, it has iridescent sparkle!

What you need:

2 balls of Wool-Ease yarn (around 320 yards)
Size J (6 mm) hook
Yarn needle
Soft measuring tape

This pattern would best fit a US 12+

ch=chain sc= single crochet dc=double crochet sk=skip stitch st,sts= stitch/stitches ch sp= chain space blo=back loops only

Finished shrug measured 22 inches across (including 4 inch sleeves on each side) with 18 inch arm holes.

I recommend having someone help you with these measurements.
First, measure across the the top of your back. Mine was 14 inches
Second, measure around the top of your arm. Mind was 15 inches.

I wanted sleeves that were 4 inches long so I added 8 to 14. This brought the width to 22 inches.
I wanted some ease of movement in the sleeves so I added 3 inches to the total height of the shrug, 18 inches.
I have written this pattern to the above size. If you would like to make yours smaller or larger, this pattern is worked in a multiple of 6 sts.

 Florida Shrug:
This shrug is super simple, no shaping required.
Worked flat from arm to arm

Chain 73
Row 1: sc across chain, ch 5 turn -72 st
Row 2: sk 4 st, dc into the 5th stitch from the edge (this counts as double crochet, chain 3), *ch 2, sk 2, dc, repeat from * till last 4 st, ch 3, dc, ch 1 turn
Row 3: sc into dc, 3 sc into ch sp, *sc into dc, 2 sc into ch sp, repeat from * till last ch sp, sc 4 in final ch sp
Row 4-7: sc across blo chain 1 turn, row 7 should end with a ch 5
Repeat rows 2-7 till shrug is 2 inches shorter than desired width. Be sure to end pattern on row 3.
Break yarn and weave in ends.

Worked on arm ends on right side of work.

sc 1, sk 2, dc 5 in one st, sk 2
work across, last shell will end in sk1 sc
Weave in ends


Fold shrug in half with the wrong side facing outward.
To create the sleeves sc the sleeve length on each end of the long side. 
I worked 4 inches on each end.
Weave in ends. Turn shrug to right side.
Slip on and enjoy.
My super cute earrings are from Belladonna's Rag Doll.
Check out her store, she has fun and inexpensive jewelry.
Plus she is a friend.

Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form.
If you like this pattern and would like to share please link to this blog.
Thank you.