Wednesday, April 9, 2014

She Wore Flowers in Her Hair

Today I needed a break from working on a baby blanket for a friend so I picked up the package of BonBons I got from Crochet Dynamite and this headband flew off my hook. This flower crown will be perfect to wear with my new to me skirt batik skirt I found at a vintage shop last week.

What you need:

A package of BonBons (I used party)
Scrap green worsted weight yarn
Size C (2.75mm) hook
Size F (3.75mm) hook
Several small beads
A needle that fits through your beads

For your listening pleasure

C hook and BonBons
I made 7

Each flower is made in a magic circle and pulled tight to create the flower

Magic circle- sc, *dc1, tr1, dc1, sl st
repeat from * till you have five petals
pull tight and tie knot, leave tails for sewing to headband

Using F hook and worsted weight yarn

Chain a chain that is about 2-3 inches shorter than the length  around your head. Sc down chain, in last chain sc 3, sc up bottom of chain (do not turn). Work 2 sc in last chain (this is where you started), sl st to join.
Weave in ends.

Cut four 24 inch long pieces of headband color and thread two strands through each end of your headband. Tie knot, braid to desired length, tie ending knot, trim ends.

 Sew flowers evenly spaced along headband adding beads in the center of each flower.
Weave in ends.