Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Believe in Dragons

This past weekend I got to go to a medieval faire. Check out my photos here. It was cold and windy so shawls and cloaks were the fashion of the day. I was inspired to create my very first crocheted shawl design. The gentle points remind me of dragon wings.

Row 3 has been updated correctly, sorry for any confusion it may have caused.

What you need:

Worsted weight or aran yarn
(I used an old 8 oz skein of Red Heart Super Saver)
Size J (6mm) hook
Yarn needle

Stitches used:
Magic Ring
Double Crochet- dc
Chain- ch
Shell- dc2 ch2 dc2 (in one stitch)
V stitch- dc1 ch1 dc1 (in one stitch)

Row 1:
Form a magic ring 
chain 4 (counts as dc ch 1)
dc ch 1, repeat till you have 6 dcs and 5 ch 1
Row 2:
ch 3, dc into ch 1 space, shell in next 3 ch 1 spaces, dc into last ch 1 space, dc into top of starting ch 4
Row 3:
ch 3, dc between the prior row's dc's, ch 1, dc between dc and shell, ch 1, shell in each shell ch 2 space, ch 1, dc between shell and dc, ch 1, dc between last dc and chain 3, dc into top of ch 3

Repeat row 3 (adding one dc ch 1 in each ch 1 space) until you have 26 dc ch 1 spaces

Row of 27 dc ch 1 spaces in each section:
 Start the row that would give you 27 dc ch 1's as normal. Work to first shell, shell as normal, work 13 dc ch 1s, V stitch ch 1 in next ch 1 space, 13 dc ch 1, work second shell, 13 dc ch 1s, V stitch ch 1 in next ch 1 space, 13 dc ch 1, work third shell, work rest of row as normal.

You should have 3 shells and 2 V stitches

Work 3 rows with V stitches (V stitching in each V stitch)

On the forth row after the V stitch addition,  shell into V stitch
Work 6 rows with shells (5 total shells in each row)

Tie off and break ends. Work in ends in well.

Photos taken at Lichgate

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