Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Airy Summer Sling

The Airy Summer Hobo is one of my all time favorite patterns on the site. I use my bags at least once a week but they are really starting to show wear, not the crochet part, the yarn actually gave out. No surprise though, I walk to get groceries and load everything into them to carry home (it can get kind of heavy when I walk home with milk and juice). I've repaired several but I bought some cotton yarn and have been making several new ones. 

The Airy Summer Hobo is one of the most popular patterns on the site but the number one complaint is that people have a hard time handling the large 10mm hook. For any of you that have gotten hand cramps from the large hook this new pattern is for you, the Airy Summer Sling pattern is a smaller modified version of the Hobo but crocheted with a J hook.