Saturday, August 11, 2012

No Holes Barred Scarf

This pattern is wonderfully flexible. It will work with nearly any sized hook and yarn.
I would love to see this scarf made with a heavy fishmen's wool or a thin fingerling yarn. 
Want a wide scarf? Try upping the chain to 41.

What I used:
Jo-Ann Sensations Caribbean (finished scarf)
Red Heart Soft for step by step
Size I (5.5 mm) hook
Yarn Needle

ch- chain, sc- single crochet, hdc- half double crochet, dc- double crochet, tr- triple crochet, sk1- skip one stitch, st- stitch

Ch 21
Row 1- sc first row -20 st
Row 2- ch 4 turn, *sk1, dc, ch1
 repeat from * across

Row 3- turn, 2 hdc in each ch space
Row 4: ch 5 turn, *sk1, tc, ch 1
  repeat from * across
Row 5- turn, 2 hdc in each ch space
Repeat rows 2-5 till your scarf is the the desired length
Finish off your scarf with 2 sc in each ch space then one row of sc.

Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form. If you like this pattern and would like to share please link to this blog. You may make and sell item this item.
Thank you.