Monday, August 27, 2012

Beaded Game Day Headband

Some of my favorite things to crochet are headbands. I love Ravelry's free selection - I make many from it, although I rarely get around to posting pics of the finished ones.
College football starts this weekend and I wanted to make a quick headband that would keep my wispy growing out bangs out of my face. I came up with this fun beaded one. Make one in your school colors and it will be an instant hit.

What you need:

Worsted weight cotton or acrylic yarn
Size F (3.75mm) hook
45 medium sized pony beads
(or desired number of any beads with a hole large enough to go over chains)
Yarn needle with a eye small enough to go through the beads


Chain 100 leaving a tail of 10 inches on each side (make 3)
 Gather the ends of each chain (one side) and tie in an overhand knot. Braid the tails of yarn and finish with an overhand knot. Trim ends even.
 Braid chains about two inches. Thread 15 beads onto each chain. Pull up one bead on each left to right chain as you braid. This will give you a pretty slanted repeating bead pattern, commonly used in making wish bracelets. When you use up the beads, braid chains to the ends and tie overhand knot. Braid the remaining tails of yarn and finish off with a knot just like the other end of the headband.

Wear your headband any way you choose.

Do not distribute or publish this pattern in any other form.
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Thank you.