Monday, August 6, 2012


My sister in law lives in Hawaii and is always posting wonderful pictures.
I was incredibly jealous when she posted a big pot full of laulau ready to be steamed.

What you need:

Worsted weight acrylic yarn
A scrap of white yarn
Size 7 (4.5 mm) hook
Polyester fiber fill
Yarn needle
Clip to keep place

sc-singe crochet, hdc-half double crochet, dc-double crochet, tc-triple crochet, qc-quadruple crochet, st-stitch, sl st-slip stitch


Work in continuous rounds
Make 2

  • Chain 2
  • Round 1: Work 4 sc in first chain
  • Round 2: Work 3 sc in each sc around - 12 st
  • Round 3: Sc 1 *3 sc in next st, sc 2, rep from * sc 1 - 20 st
  • Round 4: Sc 2 *3 sc in next st, sc 4, rep from * sc 2 - 28 st
  • Round 5: Sc 3 *3 sc in next st, sc 6, rep from * sc 3 - 36 st
  • Round 6: Sc 4 *3 sc in next st, sc 8, rep from * sc 4 - 44 st
Cut a long piece of green yarn and whip stitch the front and back together. When you have about an inch left lightly stuff, this is just to make it look filled.


Chain 11
sc into the second chain from the hook
2 dc
2 tc
4 qc
chain 5
sl st to chain 11
chain 5
4 qc
2 tc
2 dc
weave in ends

Cut another piece of green yarn and whip stitch top of leaf to side to edge of laulau.
Tie the white yarn around your laulau like a Christmas present.

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Thank you.